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Pond And Fish Tank Sewage Water Air Pump High Temperature Corrosion Resistance

Pond And Fish Tank Sewage Water Air Pump High Temperature Corrosion Resistance

Pond And Fish Tank Sewage Water Air Pump High Temperature Corrosion Resistance

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Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: FREESEA
Certification: CE Certificates
Model Number: HJB-120

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Minimum Order Quantity: 12 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Freesea colorful packing or plain packing with English manual
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Detailed Product Description
Material: Metal, Aluminum Alloy Application: Sewage
Power: 30-200W Weight: 25KG
Oil: Oil Free Pressure: 50Kpa
High Light:

sewer treatment air pumps


sewage aerator pump

High Temperature Corrosion Resistance Pond And Fish Tank Sewage Water Air Pump


Model Voltage Power Pressure Output Pressure Noise Weight L*W*H
HJB-50 220V/50HZ 110V/60HZ 30W 32Kpa 60L/min <12Kpa <40dB(A) 4.4kg 216*164*179
HJB-50 220V/50HZ 110V/60HZ 50 38Kpa 80L/min <15Kpa <40dB(A) 5.5kg 226*174*189
HJB-50 220V/50HZ 110V/60HZ 65 42Kpa 100L/min <15Kpa <45dB(A) 6.5kg 238*186*200
HJB-50 220V/50HZ 110V/60HZ 80 45Kpa 120L/min <15Kpa <48dB(A) 6.8kg 238*186*200
HJB-50 220V/50HZ 110V/60HZ 150 48Kpa 200L/min <20Kpa <50dB(A) 10kg 276*205*238
HJB-50 220V/50HZ 110V/60HZ 200 50Kpa 280L/min <20Kpa <52dB(A) 12.8kg 297*232*249




1. High Efficiency and Low Heating
2. Super Silent
3. Safe and long life. Working 20000 hours continuously without changing any spare parts
4. Environmental Protection
5. CE High Waterproof


Product Technology

Using advanced technology from Japan and Taiwan.


Industrial support:

1. Logistics packaging machinery,
2. Medical devices,
3. Printing machinery,
4. Food packaging machinery,
5. Environmental protection equipment;
6. Electronic circuit board welding and other equipment applications


Oxygen Pump Use Method


The amount of dissolved oxygen in the water directly affects the quality of the fish, so ensure that there is enough dissolved oxygen in the water. In addition to water and water exchange, dissolved oxygen in water can also use water and grass for photosynthesis to produce oxygen.


In theory, 1cm of fish per liter of water does not require oxygenation in normal climates. Small fish tanks are relatively small in size, so there is no need to raise too much fish due to space constraints. Therefore, it is generally unnecessary to consider the oxygen content in the bathtub, which means that the small fish tank oxygen pump is not needed, as long as the stocked fish The class is not too much,

Just do a good job of the filter system, the flow of water can play a certain role in oxygenation. However, if the weather is low, such as when the amount of dissolved oxygen in the rainy days is insufficient, oxygenation is needed to prevent the fish from suffocating and dying. So what are the functions of the oxygen pump?


1. It can increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water and transport oxygen to every corner to avoid harm to fish due to insufficient oxygen. Especially for seawater aquariums and water bodies that are not planted with aquatic plants.


2. The air pressure is increased by inflation, and the water body is fluctuated to achieve the purpose of removing harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide dissolved in the water, thereby purifying the water quality.


3, aeration can make the water body flow, avoiding the phenomenon of inconsistent water temperature in the aquarium. When a temperature regulator is used in winter, the convection of water causes the heat to be evenly dispersed.


4, due to the increase of oxygen in the water, the activity of aerobic bacteria is intensified, thereby accelerating the decomposition of harmful substances in the water and improving the water environment.


5. Since the gas input from the air pump forms bubbles from the exhaust nozzle, the lower layer of the water tank floats upward, enhancing the dynamics of the aquarium and improving the ornamental value of the aquarium.




In aquaculture, oxygen is an indispensable factor. Fish in water need dissolved oxygen in the water. Plants also need it. The sufficient supply of oxygen guarantees the ecological balance of the water environment, but the fish is depressed or heated in the cloudy weather. When sick, there is insufficient oxygen in the water, which requires us to use oxygenation equipment to keep the oxygen in the water.

The oxygenation equipment mainly strengthens the oxygen content in the water, and also increases the flow of water to enhance the filtration effect, mainly including an air pump (pump). Since the filtration equipment can also perform the function of oxygenation, the inflation equipment is not emphasized in the family fish culture. However, if the density of the fish in the tank is too large and the filtered oxygenation cannot meet the needs of the fish for breathing, the air pump must be used to oxygenate.

At present, there are many types of equipment for oxygenation, such as air compressor air pumps and electric micro air compression pumps. In the case of aquariums, electromagnetic shock and motor type air pumps are commonly used.

Electromagnetic vibrating air pumps are available in single, double and quad sizes. They can also be used in the event of a power outage. Some of these pumps are also equipped with a dry battery or an automatic charging device for powering up. The air pressure of the air pump is small, but the sound when vibrating is very large, so when used, the soft pump can be placed under the air pump to reduce noise.

The motor-type air pump has a large air pressure and a large volume, and is suitable for use in large and multi-aquariums such as aquariums or professional farms.

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