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Stable Performance Direct Drive Blower , 22kw Aquarium Air Blower

Stable Performance Direct Drive Blower , 22kw Aquarium Air Blower

Stable Performance Direct Drive Blower , 22kw Aquarium Air Blower

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Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: FREESEA
Model Number: 2HR-610-7AH16

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Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Piece/Pieces
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Freesea colorful packing or plain packing with English manual
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, L/C, MoneyGram, D/P
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Detailed Product Description
Frequency: 50/60 Hz Phase: Three Phase
Usage: Suction Blower Warranty: 1 Year
Pressure: High Press Color: Silver
High Light:

industrial air blower


aquarium air blower

Factory Supply Direct Drive Blower Explorer 22kw Ring Air Blower












Rated Current




Outlet water level








HG-250-C 250 220V/50Hz 12 10 35 1.6 2820 0.88 65 9 263×228×248
HG-250a-C 250 380V/Y 220V/△ 12 10 35 Y0.8(△1.4) 2820 0.88 65 9 263×228×248
HG-370-C 370 220V/50Hz 12 11 58 2.8 2820 1.00 65 12 279×240×266
HG-370a-C 370 380V/Y 220V/△ 12 11 58 Y0.97(△1.7) 2820 1.0 65 12 279×240×266
HG-550-C 550 220V/50Hz 15 12 95 3.6 2800 1.0 66 13 294×288×315
HG-550a-C 550 380V/Y 220V/△ 15 12 95 Y1.35(△2.4) 2800 1.0 66 13 294×288×315
HG-750-C 750 220V/50Hz 16 14 110 4.3 2800 1.10 66 14 294×288×315
HG-750a-C 750 380V/Y 220V/△ 16 14 110 Y1.8(△3.2) 2800 1.10 66 14 294×288×315
HG-1100-C 1100 220V/50Hz 22 18 180 8.4 2800 1.40 68 20 332×328×358
HG-1100a-C 1100 380V/Y 220V/△ 22 18 180 Y2.8(△5) 2820 1.40 68 20 332×328×358
HG-1500-C 1500 380V/Y 220V/△ 22 18 210 Y3.4(△6) 2840 1.3 68 32 345×360×371
HG-2200-C 2200 380V/Y 220V/△ 33 25 230 Y4.7 (△8.2) 2850 1.92 73 35 400×385×415
HG-2500-C 2200 380V/Y 220V/△ 33 26 260 Y5.35 (△9.2) 2850 2.20 73 35 400×385×415
HG-3800-C 3800 380V/220V/Y 30 24 330 Y7.8/13.5 2860 2.1 75 48.5 471×415×453
HG-3000-C 3000 380V/Y 220V/△ 35 25 280 Y6.4 (△11) 2850 2.5 75 40 485×392×404
HG-4000-C 4000 380V/50Hz/△ 35 26 350 △8.2 2860 2.2 75 50 471.5×415×453
HG-5500-C 5500 380V/50Hz 45 28 400 11 2890 2.5 80 67.5 498×460×495
HG-7500-C 7500 380V/50Hz 55 33 430 15 2890 3.3 82 72 498×460×495
HG-1500-CD 1500 Y380V/△220V 24 20 170 Y3.4(△6) 2840 1.8 70 cv 30  
HG-1100a-C2 1100 Y380V/△220V 24 20 135 Y2.8(△5) 2800 1.6 66 18  


Product Introduction

High-pressure turbine blower excellent motor configuration, aluminum alloy casing die-casting pump body, casting superior performance vortex air pump products, the core components are Germany SKF, NSK brand bearings, bearing can withstand 350 degrees Celsius, 4000 rpm Stable performance, low noise, maintenance-free, longer life, can ensure that the fan runs longer. Detailed introduction
The high-pressure turbine blower is developed by Jiangsu Quanfeng with high-tech. Through repeated testing, test machine and strict quality management, the vortex blower parts meet customer requirements. In order to determine whether the performance of the vortex pump is stable, each product must be shipped before leaving the factory. After rigorous testing until the product is confirmed to have no quality problems, the vortex air pump is widely used, and it has been widely praised and trusted in the environmental protection industry, medical, food and light textile industries. Its original blow-in and suction function can meet the requirements of various industries. It is a universal vortex air pump suitable for auxiliary equipment in many machinery industries




The vortex air pump (vortex air pump) is a new type of air source generating equipment. It is made of high-strength, anti-fatigue high-quality aluminum alloy material. It has the characteristics of compact structure, small size and light weight. The vortex pump is directly connected by special motor. It does not require any shifting mechanism. Because of its simple structure and direct transmission form, it also has the advantages of low noise, low energy consumption, stable performance, convenient maintenance, etc., and the gas source sent out is waterless, oil-free, and low in temperature rise. This is unmatched by other gas source generating equipment.
Vortex air pump (vortex air pump) range of use: widely used in light industry, textile, electroplating, medical, printing, chemical, aquaculture,

environmental protection and other industries require high pressure and small flow drum, suction occasions. Conditions of use: The medium to be transported should be air or other non-flammable, explosive, non-corrosive, non-viscous material. Medium temperature: -20~40 °C; relative humidity ≤ 75 %; the content of dust and hard particles contained does not exceed 150mg / m 3 .


The vortex air pump (vortex air pump) has a wide range of applications due to its unique performance (both blowable and smokable). It is mainly used for: dust-removing vacuum cleaners on pharmaceutical machinery, capsule printers, and air-purification on capsule filling machines. Equipment, paper cutter, combustion oxygen reducer, cigarette filter forming machine, electroplating liquid stirring, atomizing dryer, bearing cleaning machine, vegetable cleaning machine, screen printing machine, sand blasting machine, sanitary napkin production line, diaper production line, Paper products machinery, engraving machinery, photoengraving machinery, injection molding machines, automatic feeding dryers, liquid filling machines, powder filling machines, electric welding equipment, film machinery, paper conveying, dry cleaning clothes, gas transmission, dry bottles, feeding , collection and other aspects. It is also widely used in blow molding, plastic welding, environmental protection, water treatment, gas explosion, textile machinery, lamps, and aerobics for aquaculture. According to different user requirements, a silencer can be added to achieve the mute effect.

In general, high pressure fans have the following characteristics:

1. It has the function of blowing and sucking, and it can be used for both air and air.


2, less oil or no oil operation, the output air is clean;


3. Compared with centrifugal fan and medium pressure fan, the pressure is much higher, often more than ten times that of centrifugal fan;


4. If the pump body is integrally die-cast and the shock-proof mounting foot is used, its requirements for the installation base are also very low. It can even operate normally without fixing the foot. It is very convenient and saves installation costs. And installation cycle;


5. Compared with similar fans, the noise of its operation is low, and the ultra-quiet high-pressure fan is introduced:


6, maintenance-free use; its loss parts are only two bearings, within the warranty period, basically no maintenance;


7. The mechanical wear of the high-pressure blower is very small, because there is no other mechanical contact part except the bearing, so the service life is of course very long. As long as it is under normal use conditions, there is no problem for 3 to 5 years. of;



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